High Life Clean Sweep Shampoo

  • Contains glycerin, betaine, sodium.
  • Gives hair vitality and shine.
  • Ideal for removing wax / degreasing hair
  • Cleans the scalp.
  • Provides silky appearance while softening hair.

TR804 | 0-77315-80004-5 | 414 ml

For Normal Use: Apply to wet hair and massage your scalp as much as you like. Rinse thoroughly.

To wax and degrease: Apply the desired amount of High Life Clean Sweep to dry hair and mix thoroughly. Leave the product for about five minutes. Add water to activate the extraction foam and then wait about five minutes to purge the oil / wax.

For best results, we recommend using DAX Restoration Conditioner to restore moisture to your hair after using High Life Clean Sweep.

• Betaine
• Sodium
• Glycerin

Suitable for daily use for all hair types.